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Oasis of tranquility

"It was a pleasure last week to visit La Villa Hair & Beauty.

This oasis of tranquillity, set in peaceful grounds, is a must for everyone, several hours of relaxation in this most tastefully decorated salon, are just simply hours of perfect relaxation that we all deserve.

Life can be so hectic sometimes and I left La Villa feeling like I had been on holiday. I had been pampered and spoilt by Kristal, and I felt like a movie star when I left.

Kristal has been our hair stylist for many years now, and her work cannot be recommended highly enough. But what Kristal has created in La Villa is unique to Lower Hutt, and quite simply a must. It is affordable and worth every penny and moment you spend there.

I can't wait to go back!"


Kristal is so aware of what suits a person

Wow! Wow! Wow!