Smooth Weft Hair Extensions


I travelled across New Zealand as well as India, China, Hong Kong, USA and Australia to learn many different methods and ways of applying hair extensions and to test different hair types. With the basics learned, I then set out on a 2 year journey to create my very own technique and bought to life my patent pending new weft technology called Smooth Wefting. Over the past 2 years I have tried and tested my design and have mastered a flawless application and even after years, I still feel astounded very time I see them at how flat, comfortable and inconspicuous they are. After much research and testing, I have found the very best ethically sourced hair available and have passed my knowledge and skills on to my staff, who are now fully trained, experienced and passionate about this flat, and undetectable damage free technique.  I am are the creator of this technology and the brand Vixen & Luxe and part of what makes our range so different is that we do not believe in using glue, tape, braiding or any other form of chemicals on the natural hair because to us, optimum heath of your natural hair whilst having the long full hair of your dreams is our priority. 

With our method, the hair lasts for 7-12 months and our prices start from $399 - $936 and our prices include the Bella Rose Extension specific Shampoo & Conditioner. Because the hair we use is of the finest quality, there is very little shedding with these extensions and the great thing is, they come in 20" in length, they can be applied in just 45 minutes to an hour and are both affordable and extremely low maintenance.

Have a read of the nitty gritty below and get all the details on our permanent Smooth Weft extension method, how it differs from other methods and why its so fantastic!


Information and FAQ


The La Villa Method

So you are thinking about jumping on board and indulging in some longer, thicker or longer and thicker locks; how exciting! It can be as big or as small of a transformation as you want it to be, but regardless of which you choose, things here at La Villa will never change. We will always stock and use the best quality products we can source, and advise you to the best of our ability. We’ll always be just a phone call or message away if you have any questions, concerns, ideas or requests about what you would like and how we can make your hair fabulous! 

Most importantly, we will only ever use on you what we would have used on us personally. 

What are your extensions made out of? 

Our extensions are made out of 100% ethically sourced human hair with the cuticles in tact and facing correctly in the same direction — no dreadful synthetic material to worry about melting with your blow dryer! A lot of hair on the market is falsely advertised as ‘AAA+ grade and so on, but in fact there is no grading system for hair extensions or quality control, it is something that sellers have made up to coax people into purchasing off them.

We have done extensive research and traveled NZ wide as well as overseas testing hair and different methods, and In our opinion we have the absolute best quality and most authentic real human hair money can buy lasting 7 - 12 months whilst most other hair in NZ is lasting 3-4 months. 

What method do you use to apply your extensions? 

We feel very strongly about not using any glue, tape, braids or heat due to the severe damage we have seen these methods cause on the natural hair. Here at La Villa, we use a special technique called Smooth Wefting which involves little pieces of your natural hair being gently threaded through the extension weft and clamped in place with tiny silicon cylinders which are spaced about a centimetre apart. The large number of cylinders used in combination with the silicon inside of them acts as a cushion around your natural hair making it impossible for the hair to break or snap. 

The fact that we cut our extensions to fit the exact shape of your head rather than a 'one size fits all' approach, and that the weight of the extensions are distributed and applied correctly and evenly throughout the natural hair, makes it impossible for your natural hair to be damaged or stressed in any way. 

What’s the difference between your extensions and others on the market? 

As mentioned above we do not believe in using tape, glue, bonds, rings, braids or chemicals on the hair. Because of this, we can say with confidence that with our method and correct home haircare, there is no risk of damage or stress to your natural hair at all. This fact alone is a huge difference between our method and many others on the market. 

If we wouldn’t personally do it, we won’t have it in the salon. It’s that simple. 

One of the very best qualities about our extensions is the fact that the hair itself when maintained with our recommended home hair care regime, lasts between 7 - 12 months compared with other salon’s standard 3 – 4 months. Because of the superior quality of our hair and the fact that we don’t use any sort of chemical bond when we install them means the extensions are not damaged during maintenance visits therefore, the hair does not need to be replaced with every few ‘lifts’ or re- installs. Both the initial installation of your extensions and the 6-7 weekly routine maintenance is a fraction of the cost when you compare it to traditional chemically bonded methods. 

One of the other benefits of Smooth Wefting is the time factor; a full head of extensions takes around 1 hour from when you walk in to when you walk out. If you are going away on holiday or just feel like you want a break from your extensions, we can take them out within 10 minutes and reinstall them for you when you are ready to have them put back in again. 

Are extensions just for length? is it really just a 'young persons thing'?

No way! Extensions often come with the stigma of being just for Young people who want super long hair. While we do get a lot of this clientele, we have just as many people use our extensions for body and just a couple of inches added to the length. Say for example you have a bob, but it is very fine and lifeless, we can put a quarter or a half a head in without extending the length at all, and the difference in body and fullness is amazing! we have many clients with ages ranging from 20 - 80, this service is for anyone and everyone!

I go to the gym - can I tie my hair up? 

Absolutely! because the only part of the extension that sits on your scalp is so thin and flat and due the unique construction and the way we apply them, they flip right up which means you could choose to have a top knot if you wanted to. If the hair is particularly fine, there may need to be a bit more attention to detail to make sure they are completely hidden on the finer areas around the face, but once you know how its a piece of cake! 

Can I style them as normal? 

You sure can! as long as you use a heat protectant, and keep your styling device under 180 degrees, you can go ahead an style as you normally would, just be a little more gentle with your extensions that you would with natural hair.

Do they feel heavy and noticeable? 

No not at all, they are very light and the weight is evenly distributed throughout the weft, so there is not one area of your natural hair that is holding the extension in place. This means that not only are they light weight, but they will not cause stress to the natural hair at all because of the even weight distribution. 

I have got super fine hair, is this method suitable for me? are you sure people will not be able to see them?

Yes! We deal with people with super fine hair all the time. Because tis method is so gentle and we can cut the extensions to fit, this gives us the flexibility to position them where ever we need to to make them as inconspicuous as possible. Our extensions are used for thickness and body as much as they are used for length.

If you haven’t already had a complimentary consultation with one of our talented stylists talk to reception about booking one in. This will ensure that you walk out of La Villa 100% satisfied and feeling absolutely fabulous with your new tresses!