Meet our team

Taking time out to restore and refresh both body and mind has never been more important and why shouldn't it be an exceptional experience? Kristal, and her team of 10 at La Villa are qualified and experienced stylists with a genuine passion for their craft. With the latest cutting edge techniques—for which they are regularly attending seminars—high levels of service, and the latest best quality professional products, they have a strong following of established clients. They warmly welcome any new clients who are looking for that little bit of extra indulgence, and for that salon that they can 100% trust.

From left to right: JoJo Unuia-Owen, Elyse Duncan, Karina Burns, Chevy Anahera W- Creach, Kristal Sargent, Jasmin Ure, Mikayla Mathers, Lauren Spencer, Jasmine Hutchings, Maddie Childs-Irwin, Shaylin Hollow,

La Villa Hairdressing & Extensions is a creation of my own desires and what I have always dreamed a salon should be. I have been blessed with amazing staff who love our clients and who thrive on working and creating magic together every day in such beautiful surroundings.
— Kristal

La Villa is a truly unique experience… simply, there is nothing quite like it.