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Wow! Wow! Wow!

“Hi Kristal

I just want to say congratulations on your wonderful new La Villa salon. From the moment I stepped inside for my first appointment today, I immediately felt pampered and special. As I sat in the regal chair and took in your lavish fittings and elegant furniture, I felt like the most important person in the whole world! Queen-like in fact! You are a woman of taste! But even more than your obvious ability to create an inviting, warm physical surrounding for us, you have already established an ambience that just oozes relaxation, restoration and finesse. As always, your high quality professional expertise turned me out feeling like a new woman and you do it all with such flair and personality. Each one of us feels so special. You are one in a million and I wish you every success in this venture. I know that La Villa will be a stunning success and grow from strength to strength. How can it not? I for one shall be spreading the word. Expect a stampede!

Thank you so much.”


Oasis of tranquility