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Final outcome, AMAZING!!! 99.9% exact match too the photo I showed...

Seeing La Villa popping up on my news feed every day I thought why not try them out! After a super helpful and friendly Facebook conversation I was booked in for a consult and an appointment. Arrived for my appointment and Chevy sat me down. I showed her a photo of what I wanted, she went and got the colour chart and said I’ll do a little bit of this and then this colour all over. Straight away she was onto it! I sat there with nerves as I was bleach blonde about to go dark, done by a complete stranger! While I was waiting I was offered a beverage and magazines. I was talked through everything she was about too do or doing. Friendly conversation was made. Final outcome, AMAZING!!! 99.9% exact match too the photo I showed her. My hair is feeling amazing and I’m already receiving good comments! Also the salon looks stunning!! And the basins, they are amazing too!! P.S. thanks Chevy for doing such an awesome job!
— Hayley Watson

...the most amazing transformation for my birthday!

Thanks team, considering I had to book this from Australia...