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Highly recommend coming here for extensions and or colour

I went into La Villa for a consult for extensions, they ended up with a cancellation, so I was able to just wing it and go for the extensions on the day. Absolutely loved them. My hair, however, is a little stubborn when it comes to getting the right blonde, but the team at La Villa have been able to work their magic to make it work. I have been back a few times now, and still a work in progress, but so far loving the hair. The La Villa team are absolutely awesome and very experienced with the extensions and colour. I thought the extensions would hurt, but they are so good at doing them that it was painless and quick. Highly recommend coming here for extensions or colour. They are just the best, and the salon is absolutely beautiful! ★★★★★
— Amber Smith

This salon is a MUST! Fantastic service and highly skilled stylists.

It’s like you work magic!