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Hair is something that we love and take great pride in. It represents our wildest personalities. We are La Villa, your premium hair experts and we want you to feel confident and empowered, to be unforgivably yourself. Whether you’re after a new colour or are wanting to add some volume and length to your locks or just want to switch up your style, our team of master stylists can help you achieve any desired look. We're focused on making your time with us a relaxing and peaceful experience. From the moment you walk in to the French inspired building, all stress and chaos melts away, and you are left with a feeling of tranquility, peace and excitement, all rolled in to one. We offer an extensive range of hairdressing services and because we use only the best tried and proven professional products, not only will your look compliment your toning, colours and face shape, you'll walk out feeling confident, content and ready to take on the world.

On a sunny day the natural light and sun floods in throughout the whole salon, so while your colour is processing, you can sit with a glass of wine or a cappuccino in hand with a couple of the latest magazines, and enjoy the beauty you are surrounded in. Our dedication and commitment to you is assuring perfection, each and every time you visit La Villa.

OMG! I am So Amazed at The Way I Look Now! Your’e All Like Magicians Or Something!
— Alex Arona
As a Hairdresser Myself, This Was The First Time I Enjoyed Having my Hair Done By Someone Else.
— Diana Eyes

hair extensions


I travelled across New Zealand as well as overseas to learn this fantastic method. With the basics learned, I then adapted my own technique of Micro-weaving and have mastered a flawless application. After much research and testing, I have found the very best ethically sourced hair available and have passed my knowledge and skills on to my staff, who are now fully trained, experienced and passionate about the technique.  We are one of the only salons who have mastered and offer this method in NZ. We do not believe in using glue, tape, braiding or any other form of chemicals on the natural hair because to us, optimum heath of your natural hair whilst having the long full hair of your dreams is our priority. 

With our method, our hair lasts for 7-12 months and often 12 months plus when cared for properly. Because the hair we use is of the finest quality, there is very little shedding with these extensions and the great thing is, they come as long as 21.5" in length, they can be applied in just 45 minutes to an hour and are both affordable and extremely low maintenance.

Have a read below and discover all the details on our permanent Micro-weave extension method, how it differs from other methods and why its so fantastic.

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