Toffee (Drk Brown to Toffee Blonde Balayage) 150g

Toffee (Drk Brown to Toffee Blonde Balayage) 150g


Our Clip In Range

Our Clip in extensions are 150g spread across three easy to apply pieces, made from 100% ethically sourced human hair with the cuticles in tact and facing correctly in the same direction — no dreadful synthetic material to worry about melting with your blow dryer! A lot of hair on the market is falsely advertised as ‘AAA+ grade and so on, but in fact there is no grading system for hair extensions or quality control, it is something that sellers have made up to coax people into purchasing off them. We have done extensive research and traveled NZ wide as well as overseas testing hair and different methods, and In our opinion we have the absolute best quality and most authentic real human hair money can buy lasting 6 - 12 months.

Enjoy your Vixen & Luxe Hair Extensions!

With Love from 

Kristal, Vixen & Luxe Hair Extension Collection xx

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