Raven (Dk Brown)

Raven (Dk Brown)



The Vixen & Luxe Hair Extension Collection is an exclusive brand leading the way with quality and consistency, and is produced and brought to you using the finest quality 100% human cuticle correct hair sourced ethically from parts of Europe and Asia. 

Our hair is hand selected before delicate production to ensure high quality is maintained throughout the entire production process. The Vixen & Luxe Hair Extension Collection will last 7-12 months and 12 months plus if correct haircare maintenance and after-care are carried out on the hair during wear (please see below). 

The Vixen & Luxe Hair Extension Collection is made for hairdressers by hairdressers and can only be applied by trained extension and hair professionals. 

To prolong the life of your Vixen & Luxe Hair Extension Collection and get the most out of you and your clients’ investment, please follow these general instructions:

Before washing, gently de-tangle hair using a soft bristle brush, be sure not to tug at the roots as this will cause shedding

Use the recommended matching hair care range from Vixen & Luxe, this has been specifically designed for extensions. Please do not use any products that contain protein on your extensions 

Use a quality heat protector every day not just on hair wash day 

On hair wash day, apply your heat protector while hair is damp before you pick up your dryer

Use only up to 180° with styling tools on the extensions

Do not swim in chlorine or salt water, if you do on occasion, cover hair with conditioner first and wear a swimming cap, chemicals and salt will dry them out and chlorine can discolour them

Braid hair in one or two loose braids before bed, this keeps the hair from damage while your asleep

Extension lifts (maintenance) should be every 5-6 weeks maximum, as this stops any stress on the extensions and natural hair

Use only a soft bristle brush and be very gentle when brushing

Don’t be scared to get your fingers in there at the scalp when washing and conditioning, this will stop product build up and itchiness 

Do not pull back into a hair up or ponytail too tightly, so it’s pulling on your scalp as this will encourage shedding

We recommend that the client exclusively has any colour work done with the training salon that applied the extensions 

La Villa and authorised suppliers do not accept any responsibility for hair that is coloured or altered after purchase.

Enjoy your Vixen & Luxe Hair Extensions!

With Love from 

Kristal, Vixen & Luxe Hair Extension Collection xx

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