TIGI products are fun, exciting and smell devine! There is something for everyone in this limitless range from the sleek and straight to the crazy and curly. The creators of the BED HEAD range are British stylists Toni & Guy, this along with the rest of the TIGI line has swept through the world at a rate of knots, creating a strong and loyal following. 

Bed Head Recovery Conditioner

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Bed Head Recovery Conditioner

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Urban Antidote #2: drench moisture-deprived hair with a rush of hydration that gets stressed-out tresses back in action & on the road to recovery. You’ll be addicted to how stunning your hair looks!

What it does:

  • Conditioning factor: moderate
  • Moisturises for major softness
  • Protects from thermal & combing damage
  • Prevents pesky split ends
  • Created with 25% more moisture boosting ingredients
  • First aid for dry, damaged hair
  • 4x fewer breaks x 12x smoother hair = your hair’s best recovery plan*

* when using shampoo and conditioner vs. non-conditioning shampoo alone.


Apply after using Recovery shampoo. Rinse well & get ready for the all-night party!

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