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Going from dark to blonde anytime soon?

Going from dark to blonde anytime soon?

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Here is the thing with lightening, as we say to our clients - 'it's a journey not a destination'. We absolutely LOVE our blondes and if I don't say so myself, we are pretty damn good at them! In saying that, you as a client need to understand that it doesn't happen in one session. Keeping the integrity of your hair safe and lightening out the dark pigment gently (but as fast as safely possible) with little unwanted orange/yellow tones is our priority. How fast it lightens depends on what technique your hairdresser chooses for you, and how much colour build up you have to start with. For example if you have coloured your hair 5-10 times with dark colour it will take more sessions to lighten out than someone that has coloured it 2 or 3 times. It also depends on what condition your hair is in to start with - hydration, porosity, elasticity etc. Supermarket colours are particularly stubborn and don't like to lift easily at all. Using a specific home haircare regime is crucial to maintain health while in the lightening process and again your hairdresser will guide you as to exactly what you need to be using. Any questions please just ask smile emoticon 


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