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Mon's hair extension journey...

Today i had the pleasure of applying our awesome extensions as well as creating a reverse ombre colour on our lovely Mon! I first removed a dark 'halo' that I had previously positioned around her face, then matched the rest of the blonde (including the extensions) so it was a beautiful champagne colour all over. Once this was acheived, we then applied the extensions and then proceeded to carry out the reverse ombre, with the end result being fantastic! with a lot of laughs, coffee and Ricky Martin bopping away in the background, we wrapped it up after a good 4 hours and have great photos of each step to show you all. what a nice pick - me - up for winter!

 #Perfect ColourMatching #LongBeautifulHair #AmazingQuality 

#Perfect ColourMatching #LongBeautifulHair #AmazingQuality 

Miss Universe NZ finalist has extensions at La Villa

warm wintery tones at La Villa