Showcase Diary

Beautiful Balayage with Extensions 😍​

Ahhh these luscious locks! We blended this dark to light balayage using a mix of hand painting and foil techniques. We then added a head our trusty Microweave Extensions for added length and body. We are in love with this look! 


Purple to Pink Ombré

Just for fun! This purple to pink ombré looked stunning on our gal Kalima 🤗 fashion shades are great for a temporary change.  


Ashy Long Locks...

This color was fun! Ashy moody tones was just the ticket for this La Villa lass! It was time for a change and we think it's rather stunning 😍 


Beautiful Balayage 😍

Sassy tresses alert! We blended this dark to light balayage using a mix of hand painting and foil techniques and toned with a yummy warm winter tone. #LOVE 


Platinum locks!

Platinum blonde locks for summer coming right up! There is nothing better than a clean healthy fresh blonde, and with the help of Olaplex to keep the hair in optimum condition, we created this masterpiece!  


Rainbow hair 😍

Pastels and splashes of vibrant colour to make one sweet rainbow for summer 😍 Chevy nailed this one out on our gal Judith and we are IN LOVE!


Li'l bit of winter

Winter is coming and those rich moody tones are starting to surface! Here we have two yummy looks for the colder months ahead, be daring and try something different  💕


Before and after

A change is as good as a holiday they say 😎 look at these beautiful tresses, sometimes jumping in boots and all pays off! See you next time Kendell ❤️ @lavilla 


Extensions and total colour transformation

This lovely gal came in with very patchy yellow blonde hair with unwanted chunks of dark through the top, along with a disconnected uneven cut. With a bit of magic and precision, we added a full head of extensions, we managed to blend the cut, remove the dark chunks and tone her blonde to a creamier more complimentary colour. We LOVE challenges like this! To say she was happy was an understatement ✨👌 @lavillanz 


Hair tattooing and chocolate tresses

This is winter lov'in at its finest! Here we have exicuted a gorgeous balayage with our super cool iridescent Browns and hand painted caramel accents to break it up. Finished off nicely with some hair tattooing - this is a perfect style to have if you like rocking 2 different looks at the drop of a hat. #modernhair @lavilla 👌


A work of art...

Our lovely arty goddess Judith came in wanting us to create some magic on her hair. With no boundaries, we pulled out our wand and this was the result! Check back with us for Judith's next look 💁