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Work do at La Villa 2016!

La Villa work do in all its glory! Lol we went out to Martinborough and hired tandem bikes to bike around the vineyards 🚴🍷We stoped for a delicious lunch at Tirohana Estate, the girls emptied out their stockings which were full of jewelry, lollies, games, candles etc and we continued on 👏👏 poor Corrie (my husband) had to drive us over and make sure we were SEMI well behaved in public -bless 😇 as you can see, we had the BEST time ever! What an awesome team of talented beautiful (slightly crazy) young ladies I have 😍😍😍     

#lavilla #lavillanz #lavillaworkdo #workdo #christmas #christmasparty #bestteamever #loyalty #letthegoodtimesroll


Christmas time at La Villa 2016!

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