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La Villa Opens in Petone - 268 Jackson Street

La Villa Opens in Petone - 268 Jackson Street

Wow! What a fantastic night last night at the official opening of La Villa on Jackson street! We rolled out the red carpet and packed the place out with our fantastic clients and friends- I was blown away by the amount of support and excitement from everyone, I appreciate every single one of you  a big thank you to our friends from local businesses who filled our goodie bags to the brim with awesomeness! Alex at Goodbuzz Brewing Co.for our bottles of Kombucha, my lovely husband Corrie for making Devine food from his new juice bar & cafe RAW on Jackson st (soon to be open to the public), The Lighthouse Cinema Petone for the movie passes, Nicole from The Beauty Room for the pamper packs, Cindy Heels, for the vouchers, 
GO Healthy NZ for the hair, skin, nails supplements, Dateline Imports New Zealand for the product bags and a big thank you to our photographer Andy from Above ground Level Photography for capturing it all! Also a big thank you to Claudine Stace from Lasting Beauty and Emma from BLINC Cosmetics/Morgan Taylor for the fantastic demo's, as well as my friends and family for your tireless efforts and love, and of course my awesome gals Chevy, Joni, Jaz and Jaz  may the journey continue!

La Villa featured on the NZ Kitomba website

La Villa is on the move and expanding!