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La Villa needs another creative genius to join their team!

After winning NZ Salon of the year in 2014, La Villa has grown bigger and better than we could have ever imagined. Our customers are our priority and focus so offering bookings with the times and days that people are wanting as well as quality craftsmanship is what we are about! 

So... because Chevy, Joni and myself are fully booked usually 2 months ahead at any given time, we are now looking for an experienced creative genius (senior stylist) to work part time hours with us. In a nutshell, the successful stylist will join a warm, fun team who thrive in our environment and produce top quality work. Personality is everything, a 'fit like a glove' situation is what we are after and someone who really takes their work seriously and will put in the extra mile with a smile on their dial :-)

This is a very well paid wage and commission structure with flexible hours.

Please apply in confidence to or contact me on 04 9766848.

thank you and good luck!

Jasmin joins team La Villa!

NZ singer Aaradhna comes to La Villa to have her hair done!