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I'm Back from Auckland with Advanced Cutting Techniques


Over the past weekend, I attended a one-day advanced cutting course in Auckland. The trainer was Sam Overton, the Creative Director for TIGI. Sam discussed at the beginning of the course, what do you do when a client asks for the impossible: "I want to keep my length, and I don't want too many layers, but I want a change!"

The first half of the morning was two female cuts, one demonstrated short, choppy undercuts, (normally associated with a masculine cut), but these, as-well-as being edgy, still had a feminine feel to them. The other cut (disconnected with long, flowing forms) was our answer to the impossible. We used new techniques, involving zig-zag sections, enabling us to change the shape of long hair, without compromising the overall length. So what your left with is body, bounce, shape, volume, and length.

Male haircuts and styles are often overlooked, but are in fact a true art form. Guys will give things go, if they are offered. Sam went on to show us two of the latest male looks, which are inspired by the 1930s, with a modern twist. One was undercut, with point-cutting, to leave length on top. The other, a skin-fade, to top heavy. Connected to these styles, Sam mentioned taking a look at television programmes such as Boardwalk Empire and House of Cards for inspiration.

In my industry, I'm always learning. I came away from this course with some exciting new skills. I even learned certain ways to position my body to make your haircuts more balanced -- it's the little things that count. This course was an excellent investment. It increased my motivation to think outside the square, and the realistic techniques I learned, will be used in my everyday hairdressing.