Thinking of going blonde any time soon?

Read on...

So here is the thing, with lightening from dark to blonde we say to our clients;  'it's a journey not a destination'. We absolutely LOVE our blondes and if I don't say so myself, we are pretty darn good at them! In saying that, you as a client need to understand that 95% of the time it doesn't happen in one session.

Keeping the integrity of your hair safe and lightening out the dark pigment gently and as fast as safely possible with little unwanted orange/yellow tones is our top priority. How fast it lightens depends on what technique your hairdresser chooses for you, and how much colour build up you have to start with. For example, if you have coloured your hair 5-10 times with dark colour it will take more sessions to lighten out than someone that has coloured it 2 or 3 times because there is less build up to push through. It also depends on what condition your hair is in to start with - hydration, porosity, elasticity etc, the healthier the hair, the further we can push it.

 Supermarket colours are particularly stubborn and don't like to lift easily at all and the darker the colour the more work it is going to take to remove that pigment from the hair. Using a specific home haircare regime is crucial to maintain health while in the lightening process and again your hairdresser will guide you as to exactly what you need to be using.

Is there any way to speed this process up? We are in the 'Y' generation after all!

As I mentioned above, the healthier the hair, the faster and safer we can lighten the dark pigment out. One thing that helps substantially, is the use of Olaplex or a high quality bleach with a Phlex built in like the new Joico Blonde Life , what a Phlex product does is keep the bonds in tact inside the hair whilst lightening, and even produces new bonds inside the hair. This inliminates a huge amount of the damage that lightening can cause and leaves the hair in fantastic condition when used correctly by experienced stylists.

This is it from us on this topic for now, please feel free to ask any questions and book a consultation if you are wanting to lighten and brighten your locks!